Eva Kemmler

The Eva Kemmler collection is full of spectacularly beautiful designs for rugs and carpets to decorate your bedrooms, living room, dining rooms or even meeting rooms. The carpets are made up of New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk, and are hand knotted by our skilled and dedicated team of talented craftsmen. These craftsmen create tiny knots sequentially in order to finally weave it into an absolute beauty and absolutely classic masterpiece. The elegant colors and corresponding designs are what make this collection out of the ordinary and more reachable for you.

The home furnishing is just incomplete without an elegant carpet. Choose from a million choices according to the décor of your room. The most important thing to consider while buying a carpet is the right material and color tone, which would complement the furniture, curtains, and décor of the room. Many times it is not the color tone but the design and the texture, which sets off the mood of the room. It is extremely important to keep both of them in mind when choosing for a right carpet for your room.

*Designer Eva Kemmler,Germany from South Germany

*Won Award as best designer of the year,2017,China

*High Low