Heavenly PR

The Heavenly PR carpets are crafted from the and are hand knotted using New Zealand blend wool and silk. The material provides the carpet a soft and smooth touch and makes it naturally stain resistant. It provides comfort and warmth to the consumers and adds class to their house. There are nearly 12 different color tones, which offer you with the best of what you require.

These carpets are hand knotted by our best and dedicated team of craftsmen who joined their hands together to weave these carpets, using the New Zealand blend wool and silk. The silk makes the carpet more soft and stain resistant. The softness lets you sink your toes in and feel the warmth, creating a cozy aura in the room.

Carpeting may not appear to be something which can completely give a new structure and class to your room, but it does. It changes the mood of the room when the right color tone is picked. To give a perspective and class to your living, dining or bedrooms, choose from a vast variety of carpet categories. Select the color tone that matches best with the décor, design, and structure of your room.

*High Low

*Designed by award winning

Designer Mr. Oskui Germany.