Heavenly TB

The Heavenly TB carpets are made up of New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk, wherein the silk allows the texture to be soft and smooth. The consumers can literally feel its softness against their skin. These carpets are hand-knotted by a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen who ensures to create nothing less than perfect. These carpets, when chosen correctly, can set a perfect style for your room.

The carpets have color tone variations which can match all types of home décor, even if it is dark and gloomy or bright and lively. The range it offers covers them all. The color tone and texture set the perfect mood for the room which matches the décor. It beautifies your rooms and adds elegance and perspective to your room.

For home furnishing, the best and most important thing you can do is choose the right carpet. You can choose one shade and design for carpeting the whole house, or you can choose different for every room, as per their furniture and their walls - either way, it is extremely important to choose the color which goes along with the décor and even more so, the accurate design and texture of the carpet. The Heavenly TB carpets are can be the perfect choice for you to redecorate your home as they have a large variety of color tones and textures to offer.

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*German Designer Mr.Ali Oskui