The Lavish collection carpets are offered in several color tones which can complement the room and create a lively and fresh aura around it. These carpets are hand-knotted using New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk. The yarns are twisted to give it a more casual feel. The bamboo silk used for the carpets enhances the features of the carpet. The ratio of wool to bamboo silk is 75 percent to 25 percent. Which varies 20% from design to design It makes the carpet incredibly soft which adds a class and delicacy to the room.

Lavish Carpets are one of our most popular designs. The tones for these carpets range from cream to grey, and in between, there are some of the natural tones, which can be used to give your room a lighter effect. There is Ash tone, Beige, Ice, etc.

Carpeting the floors can really change the overall look of your room by giving it an altogether different perspective and style. When looking for perfect carpeting options, the Lavish carpets can be a great choice. These carpets can actually turn the tables around for people. They give off a soft vibe while still being tough. Grab them before they run out of stock.

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