Lavish Fine

The lavish silk carpets are a perfect choice for you when looking for something to add elegance and beauty to your room. These carpets hand knotted using New Zealand Blended Wool and Silk and come in a vast range of natural color tones. There are nearly 32 different color tones with a sparkle in their texture to give your room an incredibly elegant look. The silk material makes the carpet smooth and stains free.

Out dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen works together to form tiny knots in sequence to manufacture these masterpieces. These carpets can add real elegance and beauty to your rooms.

It has become an established fact that carpeting is very important when you are considering the furnishing of your house. Some rooms require a dark and gloomy toned carpet while other requires creamy and lively carpet to complement the structure of the room. Choose the right color tone and accurate design to add glamor and elegance to your room. You will be surprised how the luxurious vibes of a carpet alone can change the mood and give your room a lively aura.

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