Perismo TB

The Persimo TB collection comprises of hand-knotted carpets by a team of highly skilled craftsmen who weave the yarn and knot it in a sequential manner to form a masterpiece. The material used for this is New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk, which makes it soft and stain free. The user can feel the softness under their toes on these carpets.

These carpets have specific designs which are made by 5 different color tones of the yarn. Some have vibrant colors while others have sober colors. Either way, they provide you with the best options to choose from for your home and set it right according to the décor.

The collection has a variety of carpets in dark, gloomy colors with a hint to brightness to it reeking out of it. Use it to decorate your drawing rooms or living rooms, these carpets will give off a luxurious feel as they set the right mood for a room.

In order to change the orientation and design structure of your house, or to decorate your new homer, one of the most important things, is carpeting. It sets a perfect flow in the house when the right color is picked- when it matches with the décor and complements it. The right design and color tone in addition to the softness and coziness is a complete package Persimo TB offers you with!

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