The Platina collection has carpets that give the aura of the house a touch of elegance and class. The platina carpets are hand-knotted in hapelese style with a mixture of New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk. The ratio of both materials used is 60-75 percent to 40 percent depending upon designs.

The higher percentage of wool makes the appearance of the carpet to be marbled and for the darker colors, it appears to be brighter. The range of color combinations and designs is vast for these carpets and they are meant to enhance the indoor beauty. Highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen join their hands together to make tiny knots in order and progressively which in turn produces a perfect and vivid masterpiece.

The wool has always been considered to be the perfect material to use for flooring. It has the humidity regulating property which gives sit a plus to use indoors. The fiber blend does not only look good on the floor, but it feels soft as well. It allows people to enjoy the color, design, and style the carpet as they wish to.

It is important to furnish the house according to its structure. There are a lot of things you can do to give your house a luxurious and classic look. Carpets, more or less, play a similar role in the implementation of such ideas. The right choice of carpet, modern or contemporary can give your room a positive, lively vibe which showcases the untouchable beauty and perfect combination which goes along home décor.

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